Computer Repairs Yorkshire was set up in 2011 by Mark Bright and Austen Jones and is a growing network of trained and experienced IT professionals covering the Yorkshire area of the UK.

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Mark: has been working in the IT industry for over 30 years now as a Computer Programmer, Analyst, Pre and Post-Sales Consultant, and Development Team Manager.

Mark has been a heavy user of computers and all things IT for longer than most. Mark has been building and fixing PC’s for more than 20 years and fondly recounts his first true love as being a computer system comprising an 8086 processor, 64K memory, a 5 inch floppy disk drive, and a monochrome screen!

Since those times Mark has been specifying, building and upgrading computers and systems, everything from networks for businesses to stand-alone, internet-ready PCs for home-users. Mark is not only a knowledgeable IT system architect, PC maintainer and problem-fixer, he has also been a developer and database programmer not to mention Development Manager.

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Austen: has worked alongside Mark for many years and looks after any web-related projects and also the development and maintenance of any bespoke software that customers might need or indeed any systems integration work.

Together Mark and Austen manage the wider members of the Computer Repairs Yorkshire Team to ensure that customers remain well-served and happy. Have an IT issue you want to get resolved?

If you have the relevant skills, are based in Yorkshire, have an excellent approach to customer service and might like to join our Team then please get in touch.